Chat21 SDK demo for iOS

Today in we just released a preliminary version of our open source Chat21 SDK iOS Demo, built on Firebase.

chat21-sdk-ios chat21-sdk-ios chat21-sdk-ios


This is a good starting point to easily integrate realtime messaging features into your existing iOS mobile application.

This demo shows you the following features:

  • Tab based chat application
  • Recent conversations’ list
  • Direct message (one to one message)
  • Offline messages’ history
  • Received receipts (you can see if a message was sent and delivered)
  • Presence Manager with online/offline and inactivity period indicator
  • Integration of a custom user profile’s view
  • Signup/Login with email and password
  • Synchronized contacts (with offline search and selection)
  • Integrates an example of a mobile live-chat support (an “help” button on the top left corner of every tab)

Besides showing community chat features, this app also allows for self registration


and finally the app has a built-in button to show how easy it is to embed a live-chat for support directly into your iOS App:

chat21-sdk-ios-home chat21-sdk-ios-home chat21-sdk-ios-home chat21-sdk-ios-home

All help conversations will stay into your conversations’ history, available also in offline mode. In this example you can see the conversation with Jennifer (support) in the chat history:


If you want to provide your support’s agents with a more suitable desktop chat you can download, install and configure our open source web component available at



Open source desktop chat with Ionic3

chat21-desktop-newsWe are proud to announce that my product Chat21, the open source chat framework, gets richer with another component written in Ionic3 with my company Frontiere21 SRL.

From the start of our project it was clear the need of a desktop version of our chat. The layout had to be similar to the one of Whatsapp or Telegram, with the conversations column on the left and the current conversation on the right. This App had to run on the web or deployed on a native App container, desktop or mobile (if possible).

So we took the decision to adopt the new Ionic framework who addresses many of these targets, mainly the expansion of the developed Apps to the kingdom of the desktop.

Now we have a good starting version, always evolving, desktop component (but responsive) of Chat21 with direct messages, delivery receipts, conversations’ list, presence manager, inactivity period, address book, responsive design (desktop and mobile) and much more.

Live demo version here:

Download on GitHub:


Chat21 ed Alfresco. La chat mobile per Alfresco

frontiere21_chat21_app_promoOra puoi conversare con i tuoi colleghi in chat usando il tuo smartphone iOS ( iPhone ) e condividere con loro i documenti aziendali conservati su Alfresco.

Con Chat21 il team può comunicare  all’interno dell’azienda con la stessa semplicità ed efficacia delle applicazioni che usa nel tempo libero (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, ecc.)

Grazie al supporto per Alfresco puoi inviare ai tuoi colleghi singolarmente o in una chat-group i documenti aziendali dal tuo smartphone.

Clicca qui per ulteriori informazioni

Importanti studi dimostrano che fornire ai propri dipendenti tali sistemi di messaggistica porta ad un aumento delle produttività ed ad un miglioramento dello sharing delle informazioni aziendali.

Puoi usare Chat21 scaricandola da iTunes qui oppure integrarla, usando il nostro SDK, nel tuo progetto e nella tua App con una embedded chat. Chat21 usa la tecnologia push realtime di Firebase (il famoso database realtime di Google).

Vuoi provare la chat per Alfresco su Android ? Scarica la app AlfChat


Labot – cerca la tua baby sitter in chat

labot-app-frontier21-promo-imgLabot è una mobile chat che connette chi cerca e chi offre lavoro temporaneo

Vuoi realizzare il tuo progetto personale? Hai bisogno di una baby sitter in zona? Un docente per le lezioni private di tuo figlio o un madrelingua inglese? Labot ti connette con chi può aiutarti.

Ti basterà formulare una richiesta e sarai contattato solo dai professionisti disponibili. Valuta le offerte ricevute e approfondisci il preventivo tramite la chat integrata.

Vuoi offrire le tue competenze? Iscriviti gratuitamente su Labot.



Chat21. The customizable enterprise chat

chat21_bannerInstant chat with your company’s colleagues with Chat21!

Chat21 is an enterprise chat, the only one fully customizable.

Subscribe on Chat21 with your company-email and communicate with all of your colleagues without adding their contacts.
Create your groups to manage communication on projects, business areas, documents, teams, and more.

You can use Chat21 in the online version or integrate it in your own project, in your own App as an embedded chat, or in the enterprise platform of your choise. Built with push technology, Chat21 gets on Firebase (Google’s realtime database) for synchronization. Available for download and evaluation on iTunes. Coming soon also for Android.


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Product website:


ANCI Risponde è cloud

ANCI Risponde diventa Cloud.

Per sviluppare la versione mobile di ANCI Risponde l’architettura della piattaforma originaria è stata ridisegnata come API-first. Le API sono pubblicate come web services REST ed espongono tutte le funzioni già disponibili nella versione web del servizio.

Il nuovo design, oltre a permettere lo sviluppo delle nuove App iOS e Android, permetterà in futuro una integrazione agile e a basso costo con i servizi ANCI Risponde per l’integrazione con nuovi applicativi.


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ANCI Risponde – La App

logo_ancirispondeLa versione Android di ANCI Risponde è online.
Una App nativa, minimalista, material design e con tante caratteristiche innovative a disposizione degli utenti ANCI Risponde.

Ci vediamo su Google Play.

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